Knock Down Rebuild

Love your location however not your home? Undertaking a Knock Down Rebuild allows you to have a brand new modern home, wherever you like. With fewer expenses, you can stay in a familiar location that you love, stress less and save time. Whether you decide to demolish your own home and start fresh, or buy an old home to demolish and rebuild, at the end of the day you’ll be loving in your dream home, just the way you want it.

Why Rebuild

A renovation can result in many mishaps, whether it is simply going over deadlines, budget blow-outs or discovering  an unaccounted fault. Rebuilding allows you to wipe the slate clean and customise every detail with no compromises to your heart’s desire.


At Rocton Group, we create your dream home just the way you want it. With our no pre-design home policy, the home you receive at the end of your journey will be everything you could imagine, because you designed it with us.

Fixed Prices

We offer a locked in price. The price we quote at the start will be the same at the end. With total transparency the quote will include the design, building, landscaping, driveway, curtains and fencing and all other ‘extras’. You will be given the final price right from the start. There will be no hidden surprises at the end.

Expert Advice

We will ensure your house is created just the way you want it. With our dedicated team guiding you through the entire process, your house will match your lifestyle, arrive on time and meet your budget.

Quality Design

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